Hello, Bonjour!

I am an artist, born in Congo, raised in Paris and based in Atlanta.

With using  bold lines and vibrant colors I encapsulate colorful emotions, unseen attitudes.

Pigmentation and structure collide in one, creating charismatic emblems full of femininity, freedom and empowerment.

Since I mix the rhythm and the soul of the south into my recipe, my artwork have been dancing in galleries from New York, Atlanta to the South of France.

 I'd like to welcome you to a piece of my world. My goal is to have my art reflect the light, freedom and spirit of life. A kind of song for your eyes...

Hopefully you like my visual symphony!


ESP Gallery, Manhattan New York - 2019
Spruill Art Gallery, Atlanta - 2019
Ellimac Art Gallery, Atlanta - 2020
Eyes wide open, B Complex, Atlanta - 2020
L'Art est toi, Art Market, France - 2021
Art Fair London, Focus on Colour of Life - 2021


Atlanta Influences Everything, 2021
Kptn_J, 2020
Relentless Betrayal, since 2018