Amélie Dickerson was born in the Congo and raised in the south of France. She came of age as an artist in Paris while pursuing a degree in Fashion Design. Life brought her to the United States. 

 Her mother was also a painter, Amélie painted her first piece—a landscape within her grandmother’s house—at 10 years old. Since then she has painted hundreds of canvases, walls, clothes, furnitures, collages... No matter the medium, color, contrast, movement, and emotion permeate her work.

Her work is in private collections across Europe, the United States, Japan, and she has been featured in the ESP Gallery in New York, Spruill Art Gallery, Mint Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia in Atlanta. She has been featured at the Focus Art Fair in London. Her work was exhibited at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago for the Black Creativity through all winter 2023.

She has created some Public Artworks for the city of Atlanta, a mural for the P.A.L Center and a customization for the playground of The Reverend James Orange Park.